Elgin Civil War Experience

The City of Elgin will host the third-annual Elgin Civil War Experience on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9 on the property adjacent to 600 S. State Street in Elgin.

The City of Elgin is proud to offer a unique educational event, the Elgin Civil War Experience. Join American history enthusiasts for an immersive look at a turbulent time in American history. View reenactors recreate both civilian and military life during the Civil War era. Spectators will also be able to witness two battle reenactments with educational commentary.

Witness Living History

  • Infantry Drills
  • Artillery Drills
  • Cavalry Competitions
  • Battle Reenactments
  • Fashion Shows
  • Ongoing demonstrations throughout the various camps
  • Appearances by various Generals of the time.

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Elgin Civil War Experience History Returns Poster with map and schedule